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Rest & Respite and Fellowships

Rest & Respite and Fellowships

The purpose of Front Line Defenders Fellowship and Rest & Respite Programmes is to enable human rights defenders to take some time out and recharge their batteries in a safe environment while at the same time enhancing their skills so that they can work more effectively when they return home.

Human rights defenders can take some well-earned rest and respite and escape the stressful and difficult circumstances in which they work for a short time. They can also choose to work on a specific project, learn about digital security or improve other skills relevant to their work.

Fellowships and Rest & Respite are offered on an invitation-only basis.









"This programme is great for women human rights activists who have been subjected to stressful, tense and often dangerous and threatening situations in their work."
- HRD, Afghanistan, Rest & Respite Programme


"Before the support, I had serious burnout caused by the stress from my work, especially from a domestic violence case I was working on when I was attacked and my computer and phones taken.  I had a constant headache and was very stressed, but I'm feeling well again and am back to work."
- HRD, Cameroon, Rest & Respite Programme