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Jacklyn Frank

HRD, Former Chair and Councilmember
Barbuda Council

Jacklyn Frank is a retired teacher and former Chair and Councilmember of the Barbuda Council. She has been actively involved in preservation efforts relating to Barbuda’s heritage and traditional land usage. She advocates for maintaining the Barbudan way of life, which is a sustainable way of interacting with the environment, which is being deliberately and systemically erased in the name of foreign direct investment. She fights for her rights, health and safety as a Barbudan, as well as those of all Barbudans at home and overseas.

Barbudans and human right defenders working on issues related to land and territory or environmental rights have experienced harassment, intimidation, defamation, and criminalization in the country.Other human rights problems include corruption by officials and impunity regarding cases of human rights defenders resisting destructive private tourism developments in Barbuda.