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20 Febrero 2016

Explore advice from fellow digital safety trainers and experienced facilitators, customize curriculum keyed to how adults learn, learn more from experts on the Psychology of Security Trainings and self-care (including how stress and trauma affect the ability to learn as well as train effectively), get ideas from icebreakers and activities to start your workshops and make them fun, check out guides on developing trainings and crafting agendas, and more. All made for trainers by their fellow trainers.

14 Enero 2016

Tal como lo documenta nuestro informe anual, por lo menos 156 defensores/as de derechos humanos fueron asesinados o murieron estando detenidos/as durante el año 2015.Más de la mitad de esos asesinatos, 87 de ellos, tuvieron lugar en Latinoamérica, de los que 54 ocurrieron en Colombia. Fuera de América, una de las cifras más tremendas fue un total de 31 asesinatos dirigidos específicamente hacia los/as DDH en Filipinas.

1 Diciembre 2015

Many companies now realise that wherever they operate, their ultimate licence to operate comes not only from legal agreements with governments, but also from their acceptance by workers, consumers, and the communities that surround them or are impacted by them. It does not mean that every company has got it right; nor does it mean it is always the fault of companies. In many instances, governments keen to build infrastructure, attract investment, or develop the economy are willing to disregard the views of communities, the rights of workers, or of consumers.