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Phyllis Omido

Phyllis Omido

HRD, Founder
Center for Justice and Environmental Action (CJEA)

CJGEA came under attack from the government. Police raids were conducted on our offices and my son and i were accosted and abused by gunmen while entering my house in late 2011.

Phyllis Omido is a community organiser in Mombasa and founder of the Center for Justice and Environmental Action (CJEA), a young organisation focused on promoting environmental justice in Kenya's coastal region. Originally with a background in business, Phyllis Omido founded the CJEA in 2009 in order to address environmental challenges facing settlements near industrial areas in Kenya. However the CJEA also work to address human rights, policy change and governance Issues.Central to their work in this area is the education of communities about their fundamental rights and about the legal channels to address grievances in cases of infringement.


Phyllis Omido