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8 April 2021

With teams continuing to work remotely during COVID-19, we are all facing questions regarding the security of our communication with one another: Which communication platform or tool is best to use? Which is the most secure for holding sensitive internal meetings? Which will have adequate features for online training sessions or remote courses without compromising the privacy and security of participants?

Front Line Defenders presents this simple overview which may help you choose the right tool for your specific needs. In this guide we provide:

4 December 2020

Ideas & tips for human rights defenders

Let us know of your protection ideas or suggestions based on your experience that may benefit other HRDs or HROs at risk, we will develop this guide further.

This guide is available in Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, and Farsi. Click on the language tab (above right) to access your preferred language.


In July 2020, Front Line Defenders launched Cypher (@cypher_comics on Instagram), a digital comics magazine that advances the organization’s storytelling and narrative framing work in collaboration with and in support of HRDs. Working with artists from around the world, including the award-winning visual storyteller, Beldan Sezen, as creative director, the ’zine is a monthly publication featuring stories of HRDs, their work and the challenges they face.