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吕耿松是一名自由撰稿人,以写作揭露中国当局的腐败和非法强拆行为,为访民发声,将他们权利受到侵犯的情况公之于众 。他也是中国民主党浙江分部的活跃成员。

17 6 2016

杭州市中级人民法院以“煽动颠覆国家政权罪”分别判处人权捍卫者吕耿松先生和陈树庆先生有期徒刑11年和10年半。两位人权捍卫者于2015年9月29日分别受到为期一天的开庭审理。此前,吕耿松于2014年7月7日被拘留,陈树庆于 2014年9月9日被拘留。据报道,这两位人权捍卫者被以“煽动颠覆国家政权罪”定罪,与他们在海外网站上发表的文章有关,这些文章呼吁民主改革,要求释放因人权活动而被监禁的人权捍卫者。


陈树庆是居住在杭州的人权捍卫者,2007年被判处四年监禁。他被以“煽动颠覆国家政权罪”起诉,指控他组织中国民主党的地方分部,写文章支持民主改革,以及支持其他人权捍卫者。2010年9月获释后,他继续推动中国的民主化,发表公开信,发动请愿活动, 向当地有关部门申请游行许可。2014年7月吕耿松被拘留后,陈树庆记录并公布了吕耿松被当局剥夺会见律师权利的事实。


9 7 2014
Human rights defender Mr Lü Gengsong detained on 'subversion' charges

On 7 July 2014, Hangzhou-based human rights defender Mr Lü Gengsong was placed under criminal detention on suspicion of “subversion of state power” following a raid on his home. The human rights defender is currently being held in Hangzhou City Detention Centre in Zhejiang province.

Lü Gengsong is a freelance writer who has highlighted corruption and illegal evictions on the part of the Chinese authorities, and who has frequently spoken out on behalf of petitioners whose rights have been violated. He is also an active member of the Zhejiang Branch of the China Democracy Party.

On 7 July 2014, at around 8am, the home of Lü Gengsong was reportedly surrounded by agents from the Hangzhou Internal Security Bureau who proceeded to carry out a search of the premises, confiscating a computer and mobile phone. Following this, Lü Gengsong was escorted from the scene and was taken that evening to Hangzhou City Detention Centre. At 2 pm on 8 July 2014, police officials from Caiyuan police station and officers from the Internal Security Bureau arrived at the human rights defender's home to provide Lü Gengsong's wife with official documentation regarding his detention on suspicion of “subversion of state power”.

Lü Gengsong was previously arrested in 2007 and sentenced in 2008 to four years' imprisonment for “inciting subversion of state power”. Prior to his arrest, Lü Gengsong had written extensively on political reform, corruption within the Chinese Communist Party, and had also exposed numerous human rights abuses occurring in Zhejiang province. Upon his release in 2011, Lü Gengsong resumed his work in defence of human rights and his participation in the local chapter of the China Democracy Party. He has initiated various online appeals, campaigns and open letters to expose rights violations and demanding political reform. He has also opposed China's membership of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Since his release from prison, he has been consistently subjected to house arrest, harassment, interrogation, and short-term detention. His home has been raided by police and the Internal Security Bureau numerous times, and he has reportedly had at least eight computers confiscated by the authorities. The human rights defender's wife and daughter have also been affected by this harassment.

Front Line Defenders is concerned that the ongoing harassment and detention of Lü Gengsong is connected to his work promoting and protecting human rights in China, particularly his writings and advocacy challenging corruption and illegal evictions on the part of the Chinese authorities.