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Guido Sigler Amaya

Guido Sigler Amaya

Movimiento Opción Alternativa

My family both in and out of Cuba are assessing my state of health since in these past 7 years, 10 months, and 16 days in Castro dungeons I have suffered more than six different chronic illnesses, which are life threatening. Only in freedom will we determine what will be my destiny.

Guido Sigler Amaya is a member of the human rights group Movimiento Opción Alternativa (Alternative Option Movement) based in the Matanzas Province of north-western Cuba.

2015 saw a number of rapid developments with respect to the diplomatic status of the island with the restoration of diplomatic relations with the United States. Human rights defenders remain vigilant, even if they are hopeful for change, and the government has yet to prove a commitment to human rights. The Cuban government controls all the media and those who advocate for freedom of expression are being constantly targeted for their legitimate human rights work.