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Suraphan Rujichaiwat

Surapan Rujichaiwat

HRD, Leader
Wang Saphung Community

Surapan Rujichaiwat is a Wang Saphung community leader and human rights defender actively involved in opposing the opening of a gold mining project in Loei Province in north-eastern Thailand. He has regularly attended and given talks at environmental meetings. Surapan Rujichaiwat raised awareness about the possible negative impact of the mining operation on the health and livelihood of local communities. He has been part of the core coordination team of the Khon Rak Ban Koed Group, a group of villagers from six villages that strives to protect the environment and natural resources of their village, and to uphold their community’s agricultural practices.

Human rights defenders in Thailand face threats, physical assaults, arbitrary detention, judicial harassment, and extrajudicial killings. Police have responded violently to peaceful protests, using excessive force against local communities demonstrating peacefully against the construction of dams or oil pipelines.