Tunisian Human Rights League (Ligue Tunisienne de défense des droits de l’Homme

Radhia Nasraoui on Hunger Strike in Tunisia, December 2003posted on: 2004/06/17

Radhia Nasraoui, Human Rights Defender and lawyer from Tunisia ended her hunger strike on 10th December, after 56 days. As a result of her action, there has been some movement on the investigation into the incident in July where she was assaulted. Equipment, books and files that were taken from her office have been returned and the telephone line to her sister, her daughter and her aunt in Paris has been reconnected. Radhia is recovering well and expects to be back working in defence of human rights again as soon as possible.

She went on hunger strike on Wednesday, 15th October. Ms Nasraoui is a prominent member of the Tunisian bar who has represented many political clients. As a result she has been under constant pressure from the Tunisian authorities. The purpose of her hunger strike was to protest the harassment she faces as she tries to carry out her work, which she says has become intolerable.