Front Line Defenders

Front Line Defenders launches Dispatches the annual review of the organisation's work providing security and protection to human rights defenders at risk around the world. posted on: 2015/02/13

Dispatches 2015 highlights the challenges facing Front Line Defenders in providing fast and effective support to human rights defenders (HRDs) in 64 countries, as the space in which HRDs can work safely continues to shrink.

Protecting activists should be centrepiece of diplomatic efforts with Syria, Iran and other governments in the regionposted on: 2013/12/02

In a recent Op Ed on Al Jazeera Front Line Defenders Executive Director Mary Lawlor outlines the need for a red line on arresting, detaining, fabricating charges against, forcibly disappearing or killing human rights defenders. She also questions why the treatment of human rights defenders are not made a centerpiece of diplomatic engagement by the international community.

"No Enemies" a film based on story of jailed Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo shortlisted for Awardposted on: 2013/06/05

"No Enemies" a short film directed by Trish McAdam for Front Line Defenders has been shortlisted for the 5th annual Irish Council for Civil Liberties Human Rights Film Awards.

Using the voices of Salman Rushdie, Seamus Heaney, Ariel Dorfman & Mark Kilroy the short film is based on the statement Chinese human rights defender Liu Xiaobo was not allowed to make at his trial.

Dublin: Stories of Courage - a new campaign to highlight work of human rights defenders around the worldposted on: 2013/04/25

Front Line Defenders has launched a new promotional campaign using outdoor advertising and social media to highlight the exceptional work being done by all 6 finalists for this year's Front Line Defenders Award.

Cambodia: UPDATE - Human rights defender Mr Mam Sonando to be releasedposted on: 2013/03/15

On 14 March 2013, the Court of Appeal ruled that jailed human rights defender Mr Mam Sonando is to be released on 16 March 2013, while his prison sentence was reduced to five years and suspended for eight months.

The Gambia: Human rights defender Mr Fabakary Ceesay in hiding following death threatsposted on: 2013/03/14

On 12 March 2013, approximately one month after he was forced to go into hiding due to threats, human rights defender Mr Fabakary Ceesay received a tip off that the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) had issued an alert to its agents to search for him.

Mauritania: UPDATE - Case against members of anti-slavery movement thrown out for lack of evidenceposted on: 2013/03/14

On 12 March 2013, nine human rights defenders and members of Initiative pour la Résurgence du Mouvement Abolitionniste en Mauritanie (Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement IRA), who had been arbitrarily detained on 9 March 2013, were released due to lack of evidence.

Uganda: Update - Human rights defenders Messrs Gerald Kankya, Simon Amanyire and Gilbert Kayondo released but face new chargesposted on: 2013/01/24

During the evening of 23 January 2013, detained human rights defenders and Twerwaneho Listeners Club (TLC) members Mr Gerald Kankya, Simon Amanyire and Gilbert Kayondo were released on bail.

Dublin: Lives on the Line a new feature documentary highlighting the work of Front Line Defenders and the current situation in Guatemalaposted on: 2013/01/08

On Tuesday 8 January 2013 RTE (Irish national television) premiers Lives on the Line a new feature documentary in which Front Line Defenders Director Mary Lawlor travels to Guatemala to meet human rights defenders and see the situation at first hand.

Russian Federation: Update – Appearance of new defamatory banners against Memorial and 'For Human Rights' movementposted on: 2012/11/28

On 28 November 2012, new banners containing the message 'Here lives a foreign agent' appeared in Moscow on the buildings of the international historical and civil rights society Memorial and the For Human Rights movement.