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Sabina Talovic

Bona Fide Pljevlja

Sabina Talovic is a woman human rights defender and a member of the Bona Fide Pljevlja, running the center since 2000. Since 1991, the woman human rights defenders has been advocating for peace and women's rights in the region. In 2012, she established a shelter in Pljevlja for women and children victims of domestic violence. For the past 4 years, Sabina has been working with "People on the Move", a human rights organisation that provides direct support to more than 15,000 migrants and refugees, especially women and children. She is an active member of the Women in Black network and is the initiator of the first Women's Cooperative in Pljevlja. She also was a witness at the first Women's Court for the Former Yugoslavia. In 2016, she won the Social Innovation Award within the NGO sector and in 2017 and 2018 Sabina Talovic was the recipient of the Annual Award for Social Activism and Human Rights in Montenegro (CGO, CRNVO).

In 2008 the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights, observed that Montenegro had taken many positive steps to upgrade its human rights legislation, but said that implementation remained weak.

More than a decade later, Montenegro is still failing to live up to its human rights obligations. Montenegro’s 2016 elections were conducted in a competitive environment, and the fundamental freedoms of voters were generally respected but problems remain, particularly regarding freedom of the press and corruption.

According to Reporters Without Borders, journalists in Montenegro continue to be harassed and threatened by government officials, they are pressured into revealing their sources by prosecutors, and their safety continues to be threatened.

Despite having made progress in strengthening its incomplete legislative framework around issues of political corruption, Montenegrin entities that supervise the implementation of laws are either not entirely independent or lack sufficient resources to sanction perpetrators.