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The Yezidi Centre for Human Rights


The Yezidi Centre for Human Rights (YCHR) is a group of Yezidi human rights defenders who are implementing projects to preserve the identity, language and culture of national minorities and also promote the participation of the Yezidi community in the social-political and economic life of the country. The organization’s goal is to protect the rights of the Yezidis and other ethnoreligious minorities based on the fundamental principles of human rights.


Defamation campaigns carried out by the state media and public officials are often used to stigmatise HRDs and discredit their work in Armenia. These campaigns tend to portray HRDs as foreign agents and spies and can result in increased threats, judicial harassment and onerous tax inspections of their organisations. A major cause for concern is the treatment of LGBTI rights defenders, who are often faced with physical attacks and verbal abuse, both from state officials and the general public. Women’s rights defenders are regularly threatened and are frequently criticised for their work by the media, public opinion in general, and their family members. Additionally, some HRDs working in remote areas face judicial harassment and threats from local law enforcement agencies.