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Standing up for Mozn Hassan

Stop targeting and harassing Mozn Hassan

On 27 June 2016, the General Prosecutor ordered a travel ban against Mozn Hassan, in relation to the case commonly known as “the NGO Foreign Funding Case”. In 2011 the Egyptian government began to look into the foreign funding and registration of civil society organisations under Law 84, a draconian law which imposes unduly restrictions on civil society operations. Travel bans are routinely invoked by the government to suppress dissenting voices and attempt to silence the women’s rights movement in Egypt, amongst others.

Sign this petition, launched by Nazra for Feminist Studies, to ask the Egyptian government to stop the targeting and harassment of Mozn Hassan and all others due to their legitimate and peaceful human rights advocacy.

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About Mozn Hassan

Mozn Hassan Petition

Mozn Hassan is an Egyptian human rights defender and the Executive Director of Nazra for Feminist Studies, a group that aims to build an Egyptian feminist movement and supports women human rights defenders through legal and psychological interventions. Mozn has extensively worked on numerous feminist issues in Egypt and the Middle East since 2001 including violence against women in the public space.

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Bahrain Protest Context
Mary Lawlor
19 октября 2016

The Irish Times this week ran an opinion piece defending the Northern Ireland Policing Board's training and financial support for Bahraini security forces.

advocacy meeting in brussels
11 октября 2016
By Emma Achilli

Особенности внешней политики ЕС определяются тем, что она строится на хрупком балансе интересов 28 государства; тем не менее многие наблюдатели отмечают, что она чрезвычайно – и, возможно, излишне – ограничена, когда речь идет о вопросах, касающихся прав человека.  Права человека, в конце концов, являются основной ценностью ЕС – настолько значимой, что им посвящена статья 2 Договора о Европейском союзе, –  а их защита считается одной из ключевых задач внешней политики (указанной в том же договоре на втором по значимости месте после борьбы с бедностью).

North Dakota protest. Credit: Front Line Defenders
Ladonna Bravebull Alard
10 октября 2016

Today is a national holiday in the United States. Schools, banks, and government buildings are all closed to commemorate the arrival of Christopher Columbus to a land he thought was India. In fact, 1492 marked the year Columbus "discovered" a land already home to almost 20 million indigenous peoples.

Since that day, indigenous communities of the continent have suffered centuries of persecution, massacre, disease, and systemic violations of their rights to land.


In nearly a decade of defending her community’s land and rivers from corporate destruction, Honduran woman Ms. Ana Mirian Romero has endured armed raids, physical assault, death threats, and personal defamation campaigns. On 10 June 2016, former President of Ireland, former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and President of the Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice, Mrs. Mary Robinson, presented Ana Mirian with the 2016 Front Line Defenders Award.

22 февраля 2016

Dispatches 2015 highlights the challenges facing Front Line Defenders in providing fast and effective support to human rights defenders around the world, as the space in which HRDs can work safely continues to shrink.

31 марта 2015

In April 2015 Front Line Defenders and Verso Books published La Lucha: The Story of Lucha Castro and Human Rights in Mexico - the first book in a series of nonfiction graphic novels. La Lucha features the real life stories of women human rights defenders (WHRDs) in northern Mexico who confront lethal challenges in order to promote human rights, justice and accountability.