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#StopTheKillings The targeting of HRDS

On 20 June, at an event alongside the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, Front Line Defenders released a report on the killings of HRDs wordlwide. Focusing on the six countries with the highest number of killings, and by that we mean targeted attacks, assassinations, extrajudicial killing by the state or authorities. To bring you additional insight into this issue, Rights on the Line spoke to human rights defenders from Mexico, the Philippines and Brazil, three of the six countries profiled in the report.

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Previous Episodes of Rights on the Line


Latest Episode: Investing In Environmental Rights

On this episode of Rights on the Line, we’ll be discussing some of the risks faced by environmental rights defenders advocating against large-scale development projects, the role international investors can play in protecting human rights and the role of international and local legislation in protecting Indigenous land claims in the face of environmentally destructive 'mega-projects'.

We hear from two HRDs, student activist Francisco Simon Francisco of Guatemala and human rights lawyer Nelson La Madrid in Bolivia. We also speak with Front Line Defenders' Head of Protection Ed O'Donovan and HRD Visibility Coordinator Maria San Martin.

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International Women’s Day 2018: Spotlight on WHRDs

For International Women’s Day, Rights on the Line is handing the mic over to a few of many WHRDs who work every day of the year for their own rights and the rights of their communities. Tune in to hear these WHRDs speak about their work as human rights defenders:

  • Ruth Komuntale #Uganda
  • Graciela Pérez Rodriguez #Mexico
  • Emel Kurma #Turkey
  • Sindy Joyce #Ireland
  • Tasneem Ahmed Taha Zaki #Sudan
  • Hauwa Haruna #Nigeria
  • Hannah Vu #Vietnam
  • Kimsor Lim #Cambodia

8th March is #InternationalWomensDay, but these women are advocating for human rights all year round. Listen to hear about their work and the human rights violations their communites are facing.

Released 8 March 2018.


Valentine’s Day with Raull Santiago: Caring for yourself, caring for your community

Valentine’s Day. Self Care. Duty of Care. Human rights. How do these these connect? Listen this Friday to the debut episode of Rights on the Line, produced by Front Line Defenders, to hear about award-winning Brazilian human rights defender Raull Santiago’s work in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, how it impacts his family life and his experience on Front Line Defenders Rest & Respite program.

Raull Santiago is a human rights defender from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In March 2014, he co-founded the collective Papo Reto (Straight Talk), a group of citizen journalists documenting life in the Complexo do Alemão favela. The group draws attention to what is happening in Alemão, highlighting the cases of police violence and other human rights abuses, which tend to be ignored by mainstream media. Their slogan is: Nós por Nós (Us for Us), as the content they share is produced by residents living in the favela and dedicated to them.

Languages: English, Portuguese