Posted 2012/12/3

WHRD-IC Release Statement on Women Human Rights Defenders Day

On 29 November the Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition, of which Front Line Defenders is a member, marked Women Human Rights Defenders day with a statement declaring their 'solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of women activists around the world who with exemplary courage, determination, and strength, uphold women’s human rights, the rights of communities, and of the environment.'

Formed in 2005 this coalition is a resource and advocacy network for the protection and support of WHRD's worldwide. Its advocates the creation gender‐sensitive mechanisms for their protection and support and involves women activists as well as all people who defend women's rights and lesbian, gay, bi‐sexual, and transgender (LGBT) defenders and groups committed to the advancement of women's human rights and sexual rights.

The statement highlights the risks faced by women human rights defenders and in particular the 'alarming increase in violence against WHRDs and violations of their rights.' The WHRD-IC point out that this 'demonstrates the importance of strengthening protection mechanisms and support networks for WHRDs across the globe.'

To read the statement in full please follow this link in addition to this a global report on the situation of human rights defenders is available here