Ukraine: Front Line Defenders awarded a security grant to Insight

In June of this year, Front Line Defenders awarded a security grant to Insight, a human rights organisation in Ukraine that works to improve the quality of life of LGBTI people. The organisation is engaged in advocacy, capacity-building for individuals and organisational development for regional initiatives. It provides information and education to the public and to professionals on gender, sexuality, human rights and nondiscrimination, as well as reproductive and sexual health.

In May 2012, during a Pride festival, a photo exhibition organised by Insight was attacked and destroyed. Activists have been subjected to attacks and the organisation has been threatened. The Front Line Defenders security grant paid for security equipment for the organisation's offices, as well as IT equipment to enhance the security of information stored.

Insight has reported back on the importance of the grant, saying that the enhanced security of the office, as well as the website, has led to a 30% increase in its client base and has eased security fears. According to their report:

“During last 4 months we were informed about preparing attack on our office. Insight is quite visible LGBT organization and quite active on political and social levels, so many ultra-rights group trying to violate our events and especially to find and attack our office. That’s why we changed our office and secure it. So thank to this help we secured our new office and information on web-site, so our clients from LGBT community can feel themselves safe now.”

This experience of enhanced security allowed the organisation to concentrate on developing and expanding their activities:

“It helped us to concentrate our efforts on planning and providing services and educational events for LGBT community and not to think about emergency security majors. Our activities were much increased; we started to organize open events for LGBT people and allies.”