Philippines: Front Line Defenders awarded a Security Grant to Rural Missionaries of the Philippines -Northern Mindanao Sub-Region

This grant was for members of an indigenous organisation called Linundigan.

Linundigan works for the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples to their ancestral lands, self determination and their indigenous culture.

On 30 June 2011, Arpe Belayong a member of this organisation was killed and his nephew Solte San-ogan and two children were injured, Michelle Belayong(14 years old) and Adeb Belayong (4 years old) allegedly by members of a paramilitary group. Following this attack, it was reported that the community remained under siege by the paramilitary group. Front Line Defenders awarded a grant to assist with the relocation of the 8 HRDs and their families.

This is what RMP-NMR said following the relocation of the HRDs and families.

'In the aftermath of the attempted massacre of the family of anti-plunder advocate datu Arpee Belayong that left him and his nephew dead, the grant enabled to feed for three months 8 familes of HRDs that chose to relocate for fear of their lives. ... The grant also enabled the safe transportation of 2 HRDs that were left the area when the 8 families were relocated.'

'For until when they will stay in their relocation area, we do not know. They still feel insecure going back to their community of origin since the paramilitaries are still pursuing them. But we are proud to say that the HRDs continue with their human rights work. They are very much involved in public mobilization lately since killings of indigenous HRDs opposing 'development' issues continue to pester Northern Mindanao communities. They provide advocacy support for the latest victims of extra-judicial killings, and made themselves available in campaigns concerning issues of mining and militarization'

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