Brazil: Front Line Defenders' Grant Sent to Mr Junior José Guerra under death threats

This grant helped pay for the HRD Junior José Guerra to relocate along with his wife and two children.

The grant was sent out following death threats that Junior received while he was trying to gather information on the assassination of his colleague Joao Chupel Primo.

Junior Guerra and Joao Chupel Primo had submitted a report outlining illegal logging from conservation units in the Amazon – and two days later Joao Chupel Primo was shot dead. His colleague Raimundo Belmiro is currently receiving police protection.

Junior Guerra said: "I would very much like to thank Lygia for the logistical support and Front Line for the financial support for the purchase of tickets for me and my family. That allowed us to leave a very dangerous area. It was the only support we received; the government nor any other organization helped us"