The Philippines - Security grant for evacuation, medical treatment of HRDs

In June 2011, Front Line awarded a grant of €3,452 to the Buffalo-Tamaraw-Limus (BTL) Farmers' Association and BTL Women's Association, through the National Foundation of Peasant Women (AMIHAN) in the Northern Mindanao Region of the Philippines, which was used for medical treatment for 6 HRDs and for the evacuation of Wennie Loable, a woman human rights defender.

We received the following feedback:

“The grant ensured the safety and well-being of the wounded and threatened HRDs. Ensuring the safety of these HRDs is an imperative since they are the key players in their respective organizations. Without them leading in the frontline against CMU's harassments, the organization will fail to collectively and effectively resist any attempts of repression and suppression. The BTL Farmers' Association and the BTL Women's Association have sustained their existence amid ceaseless threats and harassments. The grants from Front Line addressed the practical needs of the HRDs concerned and enabled them to continue their agrarian and human rights work. Additionally, the contribution of Front Line in promoting international visibility on the BTL case brought it out from severe isolation, and gave the farmers a relatively safe space to sustain their work. Farmers' organizations in the nearby towns of Bukidnon now look upon the sound campaign of the BTL farmers, and are being emulated for their courage.”