Turkey - Security grant to Pembe Hayat LGBT Solidarity Association for security system

In June 2011, the FLD Security Grants Programme awarded a grant to Pembe Hayat LGBT Solidarity Association in Turkey. The grant of €4,392 paid for a secure steel door, an alarm system, a surveillance system and an intercom system and to purchase a mobile phone.

The organisation sent the following feedback:

“Following the high-level security system for our organisation, Pembe Hayat will continue its activities in a more comfortable way, without having any kind of deterrence that comes from the police, gangs or local people, as this is the usual case. Pembe Hayat had faced with several threats in the past, especially from the gangs who are overtly transphobic and once a team of policemen raided the association. These kinds of issues increased the level of fear in our side. This also affected the level of comfort among our activists in terms of freely carrying out their activities.”

Pembe Hayat was established by transgender sex workers and works with transgender human rights defenders and transgender sex workers who face serious threat in Turkey.