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Financial Information


Grant Thornton
24-26 City Quay
Dublin 2


Bank of Ireland
Co. Dublin


William Fry Solicitors
Fitzwilton House
Wilton Place
Dublin 2

Registered Office

Grattan House
Temple Road
Co. Dublin

Front Line Defenders Organisational Structure

Front Line Defenders is a charitable trust established under a deed dated 20 August 2002. The charitable purposes include the provision of education, communication and support to human rights defenders, the provision of relief to human rights defenders who have been victims of human rights violations, research and the promotion of awareness of the situation of human rights defenders.

Tax Status

Front Line Defenders was set up as a Trust under the Trustee Act 1893. Front Line Defenders achieved charitable status in August 2002. Registered Charity Number 14029

Front Line (UK) Foundation

The Front Line (UK) Foundation is a charitable trust established under deed dated June 13, 2007.

16 Old Bailey

UK Charity Registration #: 1119643

- For more information about Front Line (UK), please contact Andrew Anderson, Front Line Defenders Deputy Director.

Principle Activities

Front Line Defenders works to ensure that the principles and standards set out in the declaration on human rights defenders are known, respected and adhered to worldwide.