Honduras - Security Grant for LGBT NGO APUVIMEH after attempted kidnapping

APUVIMEH works with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community and those affected by HIV / AIDS in Honduras. It also operates a shelter for people with HIV / AIDS and those of the LGBTI community, "Casa Renacer", and runs several projects including a program for prevention of HIV / AIDS and sexual infections, and a gay youth project.

In recent months, members and staff of APUVIMEH have been subject to surveillance, threats, kidnappings and intimidation.

On 14 August 2010, an APUVIMEH officer who works in the prevention of HIV/ADIS project – whose name is known to Front Line but withheld for security reasons - was kidnapped in front of the offices of APUVIMEH.

It is reported that the perpetrators, who have not been identified, pushed a handkerchief into his mouth along with an unknown type of pill. It believed that the pill was a sleeping tablet, as the APUVIMEH officer lost consciousness and cannot remember anything afterwards.

Some 19 hours later, the man was found abandoned about 30kms from the municipal capital of San Juancito. His belongings had been robbed, including his university identification card, credit cards, cell phone, books and notebooks. The family decided not to report the kidnapping to the authorities because of their fear of reprisals, while the victim is severely traumatised by the attack.

On August 13, at approximately 9:00 am, it was noticed that APUVIMEH's office and the home of APUVIMEH member Sandra Zembrano were being watched by an unknown man. On August 20, APUVIMEH filed a complaint with the Human Rights Unit of the Ministry of Security to ask for security measures.

Front Line Defenders's Security Grant Programme funded the installation of CCTV cameras, hiring a private security guard, hiring private transportation for the safe movement of staff installing security gates installation of power lines.

COST €7907


Front Line Defenders guarantees that every cent of your donation to the Security Grants Programme will be used exclusively to help protect human rights defenders at risk.

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