Bahrain CCTV system for home of Nabeel Rajab after tear gas bombs thrown into his home at night

Director of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, has played a leading role in campaigning for equality and human rights for all in Bahrain, especially in the context of the recent violence. He has been a frequent target for the authorities

On 21 May 2011, the Bahraini security forces carried out an unprovoked dawn attack using tear gas on the family home of Nabeel Rajab while the whole family were asleep.

The attack came weeks after an earlier attack in which tear gas bombs were fired into the house. As a result members of the family including women and children almost suffocated from inhalation of the gas thrown into an enclosed area. The attack was apparently meant to silence Nabeel Rajab by intimidating his family.

“Today’s attack was different because the gas bombs were shot by a Gun into the house purposely breaking the window in the section of the house where my brother Nader Rajab lives with his family. We had very frightening moments rescuing my brother and his wife and his daughter as they were close to serious suffocation. This is an attempt to murder a member of my family to pressure me to stop my human rights activities”.

With a grant from Front Line Defenders Security Grants Programme Nabeel Rajab was able to install a CCTV camera system to improve the security of his home.

Cost Eur5291.37


Front Line Defenders guarantees that every cent donated to the Security Grants Programme will be used exclusively to help protect human rights defenders at risk.

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