Mary's blog : Human Rights Council

Hectic times in Geneva this week, loads of events/meetings with Human Rights Defenders who are here to try to get action from the international community on their situations and those of their communities. Particularly inspiring is Karmen Ramirez Boscan from the Wayuu indigenous people -a woman human rights defender in Colombia working against exploitation by a multinational open mining company called El Cerrejon and also denouncing the killing of up to 250 young people. She has to move all the time and cannot stay in the same place due to the risk she faces. The office also is targeted - if she goes there, the security system is activated -, not to protect her and her colleagues rather to alert the hostile forces. One week ago the anti narcotic police,who accuse them of being drug pushers, put a bomb in the community which destroyed the tracks for their horses and killed a 2 year old toddler.