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John Mulingwa

John Mulingwa

HRD, Journalist & Member
Kamukunji Human Rights Defenders (KHRD)

John Mulingwa, also known as Garang, is a community organiser and a member of Kamukunji Human Rights Defenders (KHRD), a grassroots organisation that documents and advocates against social injustice and human rights violations in the Kamukunji constituency, one of Nairobi's informal settlements. He also works as a human rights journalist for Ghetto Radio FM 89.5, a community radio station that attempts to give a voice to people living in Nairobi's slums, particularly the youth. The human rights defender has worked on issues of extra-judicial killings in Kenya since 2003.

Human rights defenders denouncing human rights violations committed by the police forces have continuously faced reprisals. Members of civil society organisations have been repeatedly arrested and subjected to ill-treatment while in detention, received threatening anonymous calls and some have undergone trials under accusations of “belonging to an illegal organisation” and “participation in an illegal protest.”