Posted 2008/5/7

Egypt: Attack on human rights defender, Dr Magda Adly, while attending hearing of victims of torture in detention

Front Line is deeply concerned following reports of an attack against human rights defender, Dr Magda Adly. Dr Magda Adly is a medical professional with the El Nadim Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Victims of Violence, an organisation that assists victims of torture and violence through research, training, counselling and raising public awareness.

Further Information

Posted 07/05/2008 On 30 April 2008, Dr Magda Adly was reportedly attacked with a knife by a police officer in a courtroom in Kafr El Dawwar, in the district of Beheira, while she attended the hearing of Sobhy Mohamed Hussein and his sons Ahmed and Mohamed. She had visited them in police custody the previous day where she observed that they had been subject to torture. In addition, the members of their family had given her their blood-stained clothes testifying to physical abuse at the time of their arrest. Dr Magda Adly presented these clothes to the judge during the hearing.

Dr Magda Adly was attacked by a police officer as she left the courtroom. She suffered a broken shoulder in the attack, as well as injuries to the head and she lost consciousness for thirty minutes. The police officer then attempted to escape but was prevented and taken into custody. He later admitted that he was following the orders of Ahmed Maklad, an intelligence officer who was implicated in the allegations of torture and ill-treatment against the three men. The hearing established that the detention order against Sobhy Mohamed Hussein and his sons would be extended. Mostafa Hussein, a psychiatrist at the El Nadim Centre, believes that the arrest and torture of Sobhy Mohamed Hussein and his sons, in particular Ahmed Mohamed Hussein, may be related to their refusal to work as informers for the police.

During the hearing, the car of Dr Mona Hamdy, another psychiatrist at the El Nadim Centre, which was parked outside the courtroom, was vandalised.

Front Line believes that the attack against Dr Magda Adly is related to her legitimate work in the defence of human rights, in particular her work to defend the rights of victims of violence and torture. Front Line is concerned for the physical and psychological integrity of Magda Adly, as well as that of all members of the El Nadim Centre.

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