Posted 2010/9/14

Algeria: Update – Human rights defender Mr Djilali Hadjadj sentenced and released

On 13 September 2010, human rights defender Djilali Hadjadj was convicted by the tribunal of Sidi M’Hamed in Algiers to six month suspended sentence and a fine of 50,000 dinar ($664) for forgery and using forged documents. The prosecutor had requested conviction to three years detention. Djilali Hadjadj was arrested on 5 September in Constantine, following a conviction in absentia delivered in May 2010. He was never informed of the trial and the subsequent sentencing. Following the arrest, his lawyers opposed the judgement in absentia and a new trial took place on 13 September.

Djilali Hadjadj is a journalist and President of the Algerian Association to Fight Against Corruption (l’Association algérienne de lutte contre la corruption - AACC), an organization fighting against corruption and embezzlement of public funds in Algeria. He also hosts two weekly columns in the newspaper Le Soir d'Algerie. In the months preceding the sentencing, he had been particularly critical of the government and the newly adopted anti-corruption policy. For further information see the original Front Line appeal.