Posted 2007/5/22

Iraqi human rights defender and doctor assassinated

Front Line is deeply concerned by the assassination of a respected doctor and human rights defender, Dr. Adeeb Ibraheem Al-Jalabi.He was reportedly assasinated by elements linked to al-Qaeda shortly after leaving his clinic in Mosul City on 12 May 2007.

Dr. Adeeb Ibraheem Al-Jalabi was the Chair of the Medical Sub-Committee of the Islamic Organization for Human Rights (IOHR), head of the Islamic Medical Association in Iraq and has been actively involved in humanitarian work.

In a statement the Medical Sub-Committee of the Islamic Organization for Human Rights (IOHR) paid tribute to Dr. Adeeb Ibraheem AL-Jalabi, "a real man in his work, active in his society, and a father and teacher to his colleagues; he gave a perfect example to the other members through his hard and faithful work, his adherence to principles; from which he wants nothing except Allah’s satisfaction and then to promote the humanitarian work in our society, and to establish for a rights and thought evolution in different fields."

The IOHR statement went on to express its deep sadness and pain at this deplorable and craven act, and called on all parties concerned to better protect human rights defenders and scientists in light of the ongoing strategy to directly target human rights defenders.

More generally, Front Line expresses its deepest concern at the situation of human rights defenders in Iraq, who face tremendous risk to their lives and security, and who are therefore conducting their activities in an extremely precarious situation.

(22 May 2007)