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andrew_anderson_headshot.jpgAndrew Anderson
Andrew is Executive Director at Front Line Defenders. He took up that role in November 2016 and was previously Deputy Director of the organization for thirteen years. Before joining Front Line Defenders, he worked at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International where he was Director of the Campaigning and Crisis Response Programme and then Director of the Africa Programme.

Andrew represents Front Line Defenders on the Board of the EU Human Rights Defenders Mechanism.
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Andrea RoccaAndrea Rocca
Andrea is Deputy Director at Front Line Defenders. He joined the organisation in 2008, serving as Protection Coordinator for Sub-Saharan Africa from 2008 to 2011 and as Head of Protection from 2012 to 2016. Previously he worked at the International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) in Geneva, where he supported human rights defenders in accessing international and regional human rights mechanisms. Andrea is a lawyer by training, specialised in Public International Law and serves as a member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for Applied Human Rights at the University of York.
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Emma AchilliEmma Achilli
Emma is Head of the European Union Office in Brussels, and has 20 years of experience of working with the EU. She joined Front Line Defenders after 10 years of working in human rights in EU institutions, and before that in development cooperation.

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Camille Gervais camille_gervais.jpg

Camille is Front Line Defenders' EU Advocacy Officer in Brussels. Prior to joining Front Line Defenders, she conducted research and advocacy on Western Europe at FIDH. Camille is a lawyer by training, specialised in International Human Rights Law, and is the co-founder of the Paris-based humanitarian NGO Réfugiés Bienvenue.

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Laurent AldenhoffLaurent Aldenhoff
Laurent is Head of Development, working to develop the organisation and expand its international network of public donors, private foundations, government ministries and intergovernmental agencies. Previously, Laurent directed “Access Europe”, a project helping Irish NGOs access EU funding, and worked as project and fundraising manager at the European Council on Refugees and Exiles. 
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Jim LoughranJim Loughran
Jim is Head of the HRD Memorial Project, a new initiative launched in 2016, which aims to create a special online memorial to document and celebrate the lives of all HRDs killed since the UN Declaration on HRDs came into effect in 1998. As part of the organisation's work to combat impunity he is also working on a feature length documentary on the global backlash against human rights as well as coordinating strategy on the cases of HRDs who have received long prison terms because of their peaceful human rights work. He was previously Head of Communications.
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Adam ShapiroAdam Shapiro
Adam serves as Head of Communications & Visibility, responsible for campaigning for human rights defenders around the world, and working to increase the visibility of and respect for HRDs. Adam has led innovative efforts to use storytelling and new media to bring forward the work and struggles of HRDs to global and local audiences, including the development of a nonfiction graphic novel series featuring HRDs, including the first book La Lucha: The Story of Lucha Castro and Human Rights in Mexico; a monthly video series - Multiple Exposure; radio Public Service Announcement campaigns in Colombia, Honduras and Macedonia; and multimedia campaigns around mega-sports events such as the Olympics and World Cup.
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Tara MaddenTara Madden
Tara has worked with Front Line Defenders since 2004. As Programme Manager, she contributes to organisational planning and reporting, including monitoring of annual business plans and results and oversees the day-to-day running of the Dublin office. She manages the Rest and Respite Programme and has a specific focus on the organisation's work to address the protection needs of women human rights defenders. She oversees publications, translations, volunteers and internships. She previously worked in Japan on the JET Programme and on development projects in Nepal and the Philippines.
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Ed O'DonovanEd O'Donovan
Ed is Head of Protection at Front Line Defenders. In that role he oversees and coordinates the protection of HRDs at risk at a global level. Ed joined Front Line Defenders in 2009 and from then until 2016 he was Protection Coordinator for East Asia, working to support HRDs and build the organisation's network in that region. Prior to joining Front Line Defenders, Ed worked as a political analyst at the EU Delegation in Bangkok.
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Caitriona RiceCaitríona Rice
Caitríona has been working with Front Line Defenders since April 2005. As the Head of the Protection Grants and Evaluations she has primary responsibility for leading and developing Front Line Defenders' security grants program, including liaison with human rights defenders, other donors, and the organisation of emergency grants. She also has responsibility for field based evaluation of Front Line Defenders work. Caitríona represents Front Line Defenders on the Board of the EU Human Rights Defenders Mechanism. Prior to this position Caitríona served as the Protection Coordinator for the Americas.
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Erin KilbrideErin Kilbride
Erin Kilbride is the Research & Visibility Coordinator at Front Line Defenders, working with HRDs to increase their protection through visibility projects using digital, print and video reports. Prior to joining Front Line Defenders, she worked as a journalist in Bahrain and as Gulf & Yemen Editor at Her investigations and reporting on activists at risk have appeared in Voice of America, Al Jazeera, HuffPost, Think Progress, Middle East Eye, and New Internationalist.
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Michelle FoleyMichelle Foley
Michelle is the Events & Promotions Coordinator, responsible for public outreach, since 2009. Prior to joining the team she worked as Senior Liaison Officer with the Niall Mellon Township Trust (NMTT) in Ireland and South Africa and she has also spent time working in Mombasa, Kenya as a City Coordinator with Suas Educational Development. She serves on the Board of Directors of Peace Brigades International, Ireland.
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Maria San MartinMaria San Martin
Maria is HRD Visibility Coordinator, working to raise the visibility, legitimacy and recognition of HRDs around the world. As part of the Campaigns and Visibility team, she carries out research and consultations with HRDs towards using visibility as a security and protection strategy, and develops collaboratively efforts to campaign on the role and situation faced by HRDs and expand their networks of support. Before joining Front Line Defenders in 2013, she worked in Amnesty International and in development projects in India.
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Ivi Oliveira
As the Protection Coordinator for the Americas, Ivi is responsible for maintaining and developing Front Line Defenders' contacts with human rights defenders throughout the Americas, providing rapid response to cases of HRDs at risk, undertaking research and fact-finding missions on the threats and attacks that they face, providing analysis and producing relevant materials to take action in their support.
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Sandra Patargo
Sandra Patargo is Protection Coordinator for the Americas.  Prior to joining Front Line Defenders, Sandra was coordinator at the Protection and Defence Programme at Article 19 Mexico and Central America, and Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression at Mexico City's Human Rights Commission (CDHDF).
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Maria (Masha) Chichtchenkova
Maria (Masha) is Protection Coordinator for Europe and Central Asia at Front Line Defenders.
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Moataz El FegieryMoataz El Fegiery
Moataz El Fegiery is the protection coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa. Before joining Front Line Defenders, El Fegiery was the executive director of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) , MENA deputy director of the International Centre for Transitional Justice and senior teaching fellow in law at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. He was also a research fellow at the Foundation of International Relations and Dialogue (FRIDE). El Fegiery is the treasurer and member at the executive committee of the Euro Mediterranean Human Rights Network since 2006 and board member of CIHRS. He is the author of Islamic Law, Human Rights: The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016).
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Anne Rimmer
Anne Rimmer is the Training Coordinator at Front Line Defenders.
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Wojtek Bogusz
Wojtek Bogusz is Digital Protection Coordinator at Front Line Defenders.
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Clare Borinski
Clare Borinski is Finance Officer at Front Line Defenders.
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Paul Finegan
Paul Finegan is Institutional Grants Manager at Front Line Defenders. He has over 7 years experience in the human rights and development sectors, most recently as Development Manager for Belarus Free Theatre and Centres Coordinator for the international writers association PEN International. He has traveled and worked in Kenya, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and more.
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Rachel Breen
Rachel is the Executive Assistant to the Directors.
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Rena Garrigan
Rena Garrigan is Head of Finance at Front Line Defenders.
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Fuensanta Amorós Cascales
Fuensanta is the Americas Research and Training Fellow at Front Line Defenders. Her previous roles include working with the Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders and working on petitions to the treaty bodies of the human rights council. 
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Nantke Hinrichs
Nantke Hinrichs is the Frank Jennings Fellow. Prior to joining the organisation, Nantke worked for an organization defending the rights of victims of torture and state violence in Bolivia. She has also previously participated in human rights observation missions to indigenous communities in the South of Mexico.
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