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Resources for HRDs

20 February 2016

Explore advice from fellow digital safety trainers and experienced facilitators, customize curriculum keyed to how adults learn, learn more from experts on the Psychology of Security Trainings and self-care (including how stress and trauma affect the ability to learn as well as train effectively), get ideas from icebreakers and activities to start your workshops and make them fun, check out guides on developing trainings and crafting agendas, and more. All made for trainers by their fellow trainers.

31 January 2014

The 2014 Front Line Defenders Annual Report highlights the dangerous environment in which many human rights defenders operate.

In 2013, Front Line Defenders issued 346 urgent appeals and updates on 426 human rights defenders at risk in 64 countries.

It provided 297 security grants and trained 480 human rights defenders. Overall, more than 1,200 human rights defenders benefited from front line defenders’ protection support in 2013.