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15 - 24 October - Direct Division Art Exhibition



Venue: Artworks presented on the Smashing Times Virtual Gallery

Tickets: Free

Direct Division is an art exhibition featuring children describing, in their own words and images their experiences of living in Direct Provision. This gives insights into their past journeys, current life and hopes for their futures. The artwork and writing highlights how the rights and lives of these children are affected by Ireland’s Direct Provision system.

The Ombudsman for Children’s Office (OCO) is an independent, statutory human rights institution that promotes the rights and welfare of children living in Ireland. The OCO has two main functions, to investigate complaints about services provided to children by public bodies, and to promote and protect the rights of children under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Children living in Direct Provision: 73 children, aged 12 to 17 years, seeking international protection in Ireland and living in Direct Provision accommodation came forward to share their experiences and views with the OCO. Through focus groups, video interviews and art work, these children courageously shared stories of their past, their experience of rights and life in Ireland and their hopes.

Gansee: Founded in 2013 by Tim Gannon and Graham Seely, Gansee Films have established themselves as one of Ireland’s leading producers of documentary, commercial and campaign video content. Gansee work with clients ranging from Trade Unions and NGOs to multinational corporations and arts organisations.

Splattervan: A mobile youth arts facility, run by Claire Coughlan and Helen O' Keeffe, using visual art as a tool for self expression and empowerment. Running since 2013, they have worked with many incredible young people and organisations throughout Ireland and beyond to create street art, animations, art works and actions that give them space to be seen and have their voices heard.