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Resistencia Feminista: Fighting for Reproductive Rights in Honduras & Ireland

Front Line Defenders is honoured to host Regina Fonseca, sexual and reproductive rights defender from Honduras, for speaking engagements across Ireland and Spain.

Regina Fonseca is a Honduran women’s rights defender with more than 30 years of experience in the struggle for gender, sexual and reproductive rights. She is currently Director of International Advocacy at the Women’s Rights Centre (Centro de los Derechos de Mujer - CDM) in Honduras, struggling for reproductive rights in a country where abortion in any circumstance is criminalised.

regina_fonseca2.jpgIn Honduras, it is also illegal to procure emergency contraception. The CDM’s political support of the sexual and reproductive rights of women, especially young women, is dangerous in part due to the heavy influence of the church in public policy. Regina and her colleagues have been defamed and threatened because of their work, facing discreditation in the media, including being labelled “soulless” and “murderers”.

 Meet Regina and the Women's Rights Centre

Schedule of Events

Belfast, 25 April, 12:30 pm
Queen's University Belfast
in collaboration with Amnesty Northern Ireland and the Alliance for Choice
Register here

Limerick, 26 April, 1 pm
C1079, Main Building
in collaboration with the University of Limerick

Cork, 26 April, 6 pm
Moot Court room, Aras na Laoi, University College Cork
in collaboration with UCC School of Law

Dublin, 27 April, 6:30 pm
Filmbase, Curved St.
in conversation with Anna Cosgrave and Ellen Coyne
in collaboration with the Abortion Rights Campaign and Amnesty Ireland
Register here

Galway, 28 April, 4 pm
 The Cornstore
in collaboration with Amnesty Galway

Madrid, 3 May, 7 pm
Espacio Ecooo, C / Escuadra 11, 28012 Madrid (Metro Lavapiés)