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Wenty Ismael

Wenty Ismail

HRD, Programs Manager
Eagle Wings

Wenty Ismail is a human rights defender from Tanzania who has worked for several LGBTIQ/Sex workers-led organizations before joining Eagle Wings, an LBTQ women-led organization based in Dar es Salaam. Eagle Wings was established to increase the visibility of LBTQ women in the LGBTIQ movement in Tanzania, as a result of the constant harassment and discrimination heaped on LBTQ women. Wenty Ismail and Eagle Wings work on strategic areas of health, legal literacy, economic empowerment and safety and security for LBTQ women in Tanzania.

LGBT+ Tanzania_Source: Twitter

Since mid-2016, the government has notably increased its repression of LGBTI rights defenders. Such defenders are therefore forced to keep a low profile and generally operate underground. Homophobia is widespread in Tanzania and same-sex relations are criminalised with a penalty of 30 years in prison if found guilty.