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Verónica del Carmen Vilches Olivares

WHRD, Leader
Movement for the Defence of Water, Land and Environmental Protection (MODATIMA)

Verónica del Carmen Vilches Olivares is a leader and human rights defender from Cabildo in the Valparaíso region. She was a founder of Mujeres MODATIMA, is president of the Rural Drinking Water Committee (APR) of San José de Cabildo and a member of the Social Movement "Secas defensoras de las Aguas". Verónica's actions are aimed at recovering water for the people and nature, as extractivist monoculture has dried up the watersheds and rivers and is now depleting the territory's groundwater.  The defender has been the victim of permanent threats and attacks for defending the water of her territory by denouncing the theft of water and the situation generated by landowners and politicians related to agro-industry in the province.


Despite of all the developments, HRDs in Chile still face police abuses, with demonstrations and street protests being violently repressed several times.