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Vahan Ishkhanyan

HRD, Journalist
Inknagir Literary Club

Vahan Ishkhanyan Testimony

It is not the case that the resources do not exist in Armenia to care for the health of the people, but the fact that the resources of the country, especially from the mining-industry, are in the hands of a few and the transnational corporations. Seventy percent of exports from Armenia consist of outputs from mining, while the money paid in taxes from mining consists of only three percent of the state budget.

Vahan Ishkhanyan is an author of more than 200 articles, essays and features and he worked in more than 10 newspapers as an editor and journalist. He was one of the first in Armenia who in his works reflected on the rights of sexual and religious minorities. In 2004 he published Oppression and Resistance, a book about political repressions in Armenia in 2003-2004. In 2010 in co-authorship with his colleagues he issued The Freedom of Religion.