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Thabiso Zulu


Thabiso Zulu is an independent human rights defender and former African National Council (ANC) youth leader who has been speaking out against government corruption in South Africa since 2010. He has worked on issues relating to fraud and corruption in various South African municipalities and government departments; there has been at least two convictions (of councilors) and a number of other arrests including that of a former municipal manager and former mayor as a result of his work.

South Africa

The Republic of South Africa voted for the adoption of the resolution on the protection of human rights defenders (HRDs) by the United Nations General Assembly on December 18th 2015. Nevertheless, HRDs face threats, intimidation, harassment, and physical attacks, sometimes resulting in death, by private individuals and members of the police force. This is especially true for those human rights defenders working on corporate accountability and the impact of extractive industries on local people and the environment. Moreover, suspected perpetrators often go unpunished. There is overwhelming impunity for those who violate the rights of human rights defenders.