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Renato Anglao

Renato Anglao

HRD, Member

Renato Anglao was the Secretary-General of TINDOGA (Tribal Indigenous Oppressed Group Association), an indigenous peoples’ organisation representing the Manobo-Pulangion tribe in Barangay Botong, Quezon, Bukidnon. TINDOGA works on issues related to human rights violations risks linked to agri-business plantations which are encroaching on their ancestral lands. Two years ago, the Manono-Pulangion tribe reclaimed their ancestral land and secured its legal title despite moves to introduce a plantation on the lands by Rancho Montalvan, which is owned by Maramag Vice Mayor Pablo Lorenzo.

Indigenous rights defenders are particularly exposed to retaliation because of their work on land rights, forced evictions, the environment and the defense of indigenous peoples' traditional way of life.