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Patrice Florvilus

Patrice Florvilus

HRD, Executive Director
Défense des Opprimées/Opprimés – DOP

The more they threaten, the more energy they give me to continue in my struggle.

Patrice Florvilus is the Executive Director of Défense des Opprimées/Opprimés – DOP (Defenders of the Oppressed), an organisation which provides legal assistance, in particular to social movements and residents of displacement camps. As a human rights lawyer, he has assisted victims of the Duvalier dictatorship.

Journalists have been specially targeted as a result of their profession. Since 2000 at least eight journalists have been assassinated while a number of others have been harassed and detained. The level of impunity remains very high since only one out of the eight cases of killings, the perpetrators have been tried and convicted.


Patrice Florvilus