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Norma Sancir

HRD, Journalist
Prensa Comunitaria, Central Campesina Chortí Nuevo Día
Freedom of the press according to a Guatemalan community indigenous journalist - Radio Canada Internation Interview

Interview to Norma Sancir (In Spanish)

Journalist Norma Sancir: her detention violates freedom of expression - Prensa Comunitaria Interview

"I am Norm Lila, indigenous Mayan Kaqchikel woman and social communicator. I live in Camotán, Chiquimula. I have dedicated my life to communication with emphasis on indigenous peoples and linguistic communities in the country."

I am a community journalist. Alternative communication is my job, and it is my way of fighting

Norma Sancir is a journalist, social communicator and human rights defender of the Ch’orti ’people in Chiquimula, Guatemala. She works as a communicator in the Central Campesina Chortí Nuevo Día (Nuevo Día Ch’orti’ Indigenous Association, CCCND), and is also a correspondent of Prensa Comunitaria. The Central Campesina Chortí Nuevo Día works alongside indigenous Ch’orti’ communities in the region of Chiquimula, Guatemala. They provide legal support and visibility to the communities of Jocotán, Olopa and Camotán, who face threats and violations to land, environmental, and cultural rights, following to the implementation of hydroelectric and mining projects in their territories. Prensa Comunitaria is an independent news agency focused on community and indigenous journalism, art and feminisms. In 2014 Norma Sancir was arbitrary detained while covering the police actions during a demonstration. In recent years, members of Central Campesina Ch’ortí Nuevo Día have faced attacks, death threats and harrassment.

Human rights defenders (HRDs) in Guatemala are subjected to death threats, physical attacks, acts of harassment, surveillance, stigmatisation, judicial harassment, arbitrary detention, forced disappearance and killings. Many of the violations are carried out by clandestine security structures and illegal groups. The exceptionally high level of impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators increases the risk exponentially for HRDs.


"¡Soy periodista, soy periodista!" ("I'm a journalist!")