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Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo

Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo

Zimbabwe Organization For Youth In Politics (ZOYP)

I became the second person in the history of Zimbabwe to be convicted under this dubious law, after President Robert Mugabe, who had been jailed by the colonial administration for contravening the same law

Nkosilathi Moyo is the Director of the Zimbabwe Organization For Youth In Politics (ZOYP) a community-based organisation that is located in the small mining town of Kwekwe, in Zimbabwe. Nkosie decided to dedicate his life to human rights after realizing that young people in his community were being used and manipulated by politicians to perpetrate political violence and gross human rights violations. He founded the Zimbabwe Organization for the Youth in Politics (Z.O.Y.P) in 2010. ZOYP is a community based organisation working with human rights defenders and youths who aspire to be in political leadership from across political divides. The human rights defender also established the ‘Community Human Rights Defenders Academy’ where he is educating and training human rights defenders based in remote and grassroots areas to help them perform their human rights work.

Nkosilathi has also written books including Zimbabwe: A Revolution Waiting To Happen and Robert Mugabe: from freedom fighter to the People’s Enemy which were bestsellers in Zimbabwe. Nkosilathi wrote his third book - The Rise of Grace Mugabe- The Fall of ZANU PF: Truth telling book about Africa’s upcoming first female Dictator - during a stay at Shelter City in Utrecht in the Netherlands. The book is about Africa’s upcoming first female Dictator. Nkosilathi went to the shelter because of the intimidation and threats he suffered due to his outspoken criticisms of the Zimbabwean government.

Despite the challenges faced, the human rights defenders community in Zimbabwe is well organised, active and broad-based in terms of issues and actors involved. It includes NGOs, faith-based groups, human rights lawyers, student activists, social movements, community-level activists, trade unionists and members of the political opposition. Womens’ rights defenders are prominent.


Nkosilathi Moyo Testimony - 2013 Dublin Platform