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Nguyen Viet Dung

Nguyen Viet Dung


Nguyen Viet Dung is a pro-democracy activist and environment rights defender. He has campaigned for more accountability of the government in Vietnam and has participated in political protests. He participated in multiple protests in the aftermath of the Formosa toxic waste spill in 2016, which cost thousands of people their livelihoods along the central coast of Vietnam. Nguyen Viet Dung has also campaigned for the freedom of fellow human rights defenders Nguyen Van Dai and Le Thu Ha.


Vietnamese authorities treat human rights defenders as “enemies of the State”. HRDs are subjected to intimidation, threats, interrogation, harassment, arrest and routine beatings. Many defenders are victims of arbitrary detention and criminalisation. Most often, they are not informed of the reasons for their arrest or why their request for bail is denied.