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Nese karahan

Neşe Karahan

HRD, President
Green Artvin Association

Neşe Karahan is a pioneer of the struggle against human rights violations stemming from gold-mining activities, dam projects, hydroelectric power plants, and projects such as “Green Road” in Artvin which destroy ecological areas.

She has been the chairwoman of the Yeşil Artvin Derneği (“Green Artvin Association”) since 2009. She considers “the struggle of protecting the nature as a defense of the life”.

As a woman envrionmental rights defender from Turkey, Neşe Karahan was invited to many national and international events as speaker. She also received numerous prestigious awards, including “Lawyer Noyan Özkan Environment and Ecology Award” from the Union of Turkish Bar Associations, “Climate and Evironmental Issues Award” from Turkish Thorax Association, “Contribution to the Environment Award” from the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects. She continues to contribute to the struggle for the protection of the environment against the growing number of environmental disasters in Turkey through her activities at Yeşil Artvin Derneği as the association’s chairwoman.

HRDs, journalists, cultural workers, academics and anyone promoting and defending the rights of the Kurdish community and the rights of religious, cultural, and sexual minorities, or women and labour rights, continue to undergo various forms of reprisals, discrimination, and attacks. They are frequently falsely accused of "being a member of an armed terrorist organization", "propaganda of terrorism","insulting the Turkish President" and/or "revealing state secrets". Lawyers who provide legal assistance to HRDs and civil and political activists also face huge obstacles in performing their work and are at risk of arrest, detention, and prosecution.