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Narcisse Oredje

Narcisse Oredje

HRD, Journalist
Centre d'Étude et de Formation pour le Developpement (CEFOD)

Narcisse Oredje, was a human rights defender and journalist working at radio CEFOD (Centre d'Étude et de Formation pour le Developpement).


Human rights defenders in Chad face a wide range of restrictions preventing them from effectively carrying out their legitimate work in defence of human rights without fear for their safety. Obstacles are many and vary from torture to physical attack, arbitrary arrest, prolonged detention, fabricated charges, judicial harassment and intimidation. There is a systematic ban on protests conducted by those whom the government sees as critical of any of its policies. Civil society actors and trade unionists holding unauthorised protests have repeatedly been the subject of police brutality. Freedom of peaceful assembly was severely curtailed impeding the work undertaken by HRDs.