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Martín Abelardo Anguas Rosado

HRD, Architect, member

Martín Abelardo Anguas Rosado is an architect and works in various activities related to blacksmithing, carpentry and crafts. Together with his wife Teresa de Jesus Vazquez Figueroa, he founded the community theater collective (theater of the oppressed) HUAXIN and performing arts based on play and the use of the streets as a statement of their autonomy. The HUAXIN collective is aimed primarily at children and adolescents in search of lives free of violence. They seek to work together on the various social issues that occur in the world and in their immediate environment, based on critical thinking and constant consultation for the deconstruction of neocolonialism. He is also a member of Kanan, supporting as much as possible in community activities and social manifestations that contribute to the critical approach of his community work.