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Malik Abu Orabi

HRD, Lawyer
Jordanian Teachers Syndicate

Malik Abu Orabi is a human rights lawyer and part of the legal team defending the Jordanian Teachers’ Syndicate.


Despite constitutional reforms in 2011, numerous laws continue to restrict freedom of association, peaceful assembly and expression. These restrictions were reinforced over the past five years under the guise of national security and the fight against terrorism. As a result, human rights defenders (HRDs) continue to face significant challenges.

In 2009, Jordan changed its NGOs Law. The revised law makes it easier for groups to register, but increases the authority of officials to interfere in their work including through a new clause requiring cabinet-level approval for foreign funding. The authorities usually send representatives to monitor meetings and seminars convened by NGOs specially when political issues are on the agenda. As a result of this restrictive legislative framework and the systematic interference of security agencies in NGOs' activities, many HRDs practice self-censorship and tend to avoid sensitive issues.