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Malena Mariet Martínez Montoya

HRD & Member

Malena Mariet Martínez Montoya is member of the Sucre branch of the Movimiento Nacional de Víctimas de Crímenes de Estado – MOVICE (National Movement of Victims of State Crimes). MOVICE is an organizational process in which more than 200 organizations of victims of forced disappearance, extrajudicial executions, selective and displaced murders, as well as accompanying organizations and human rights defenders converge. It has 12 years of existence and has a territorial presence in 15 departments of the country, including Sucre department. Malena Martinez has been accompanying La Guaripa case in Sucre since January 2018, when three brothers were killed as a result of a land conflict.

HRDs at risk in Colombia come from a broad range of different backgrounds, including: trade unionists, indigenous leaders, afro-colombian leaders, activists working with internally displaced persons and on land issues, women's rights defenders, journalists, lawyers, students and youth activists, church workers, LGBTI and HIV activists.