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Mainor Ortíz Delgado

Minor Ortíz Delgado


Mainor Ortíz Delgado is a Bribri indigenous human rights defender and member of the Rio Azul community living on the Salitre indigenous territory in southeastern Costa Rica. He is an active member of the traditional council of the Bribri, whose mission is the protection of indigenous rights. He also represents his people in the Commission for Land Recuperation (Comisión de Saneamiento) established together with State authorities in order to address the illegal occupation of indigenous territories in Salitre by non-indigenous trespassers.

Costa Rica

Indigenous peoples of Costa Rica – like the bri-bri and the cabécar – have reported invasions and arson attacks on their ancestral lands by landowners from the region. The lack of response from government officials and police forces makes the situation of indigenous peoples in Costa Rica even more vulnerable in their fight for land demarcations and the regulation of the Law of Indigenous Autonomy.