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Lertsak Kumkongsak

Lertsak Kumkongsak

Campaign for Public Policy on Mining

Lertsak Kumkongsak is an environment rights defender, who has been involved in community-based campaigns against the mining industry in Thailand for more than 20 years. He is the coordinator of the Ecological and Cultural Study Group and Campaign for Public Policy on Mineral Resources (PPM) and of the “People’s anti-mining network of Thailand”. He has worked with the Udon Thani Conservation Group (Udonthani province, Isaan region, northeastern Thailand) against the Potash mining project, which the group has been fighting for more than 15 years. In 2015, Lertsak won the Komol Kimthong Foundation award for his work on environmental issues.

Human rights defenders in Thailand face threats, physical assaults, arbitrary detention, judicial harassment, and extrajudicial killings. HRDs most at risk include those working with migrants, particularly along the border with Burma, those who are fighting for economic, social, and cultural (ESC) rights, and those working in the conflict zone of the three border provinces in Southern Thailand.