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Leon Nkubiri Mbeba

Léon Nkubiri Mbeba

HRD, Coordinator
Réseau d’aide aux Femmes et Enfants Nécessiteux (RAFEN)

Léon Nkubiri Mbeba is the coordinator of the Réseau d’aide aux Femmes et Enfants Nécessiteux (Support Network for Women and Children in Need – RAFEN), an association in Goma that documents, monitors, and denounces human rights violations against women and children, educates survivors about their rights, and connects them to relevant resources. RAFEN has worked with the United Nations Refugee Agency and the United Nations Population Fund in the course of their work supporting survivors of human rights violations.


The situation in eastern DRC is especially precarious with a number of human rights defenders and journalists having been killed over recent years. The killings and persistent threats have instilled a climate of fear among local defenders, who are made more vulnerable by the ongoing violence, ethnic tensions, and the unstable political and military situation in the region.