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Ketakandriana Rafitoson

Ketakandriana Rafitoson

HRD, Political Scientist
Transparency International Madagascar

Ketakandriana Rafitoson is a Malagasy political scientist, researcher, activist, and human rights defender who is currently leading the national chapter of Transparency International in Madagascar. Her work mainly focuses on issues of citizens’ participation, good governance and democracy. A member of the Young African Activist Network (YAAN), she worked for years with young people and women - who are marginalized even though they are in the majority in Malagasy society- educating them about human rights and empowering them politically so that they can enjoy their own rights fully and rise up against all the injustices that undermine their existence. In 2018, she was invited by a French TV network to speak about the behaviour and funding sources of the main Malagasy Presidential candidates on the news. The strong statement she made and her advocacy for clean elections exposed her to online bullying and death threats, among other things, once back in Madagascar.

HRDs in Madagascar are targeted by authorities with judicial harassment including arrest, pre-trial detention, prosecution, and trumped-up charges.